“The legend of the Greek Truffle”

Truffles, an ingredient of high gastronomy has a Greek heritage and is a premium good that has been produced in Greece since antiquity. Truffles belong to the family of Tuber which means inflation. Ancient Greek used to call them “idna”

There are many references in Ancient Greek & Roman texts such as Theofrastos, Dioskouridis and Cicero, that considered truffles to be both afrodisiac and therapeutical. Romans believed that the best truffles were produced in Greece. Plutarch speculated that truffles were made from clay that has been roasted by the thunders of the King God Zeus. Plinios considered them a miracle of nature while Byron held them high in regards as a source of inspiration. Historically, during the old testament, truffles were thought to be a gift from god. Today the French refer to truffles as the “black diamonds of gastronomy”.

At Greek Luxury Products we offer a vast variety of premium truffles from Greece & other Mediterranean countries. All of our truffles and produced weekly and are 100% fresh with a premium quality guarantee.


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