Ethical Goose Products & Foie Gras

Sousa & Labourdette’s philosophy is twofold: a return to the essence of foie gras, combined with a strong commitment to the welfare of the geese and their environment. The Sousa family has always valued goose rearing as a sustainable and low-impact farming practice with a highly sought-after finished product. Their free-range geese are partly domesticated, but are visited annually by their wild cousins, thus renewing the gene pool and maintaining the feeding instincts of the established flock.

When autumn comes round the geese begin to feed intensively, gorging day and night, in preparation for a migration journey. The animals are captured during the night by dazzling them with powerful lights and foie gras is harvested. Sousa & Labourdette’s commitment to ethical farming has been rewarded with both the organic label and the quality seal of Spain’s National Association of Ethical Food Producers (ANPAE), guaranteeing the producer’s commitment to conservation and animal welfare.

Most of the foie gras on the market are obtained from geese or ducks that have been force-fed with the “gavage” system with the aim of growing their livers. On the contrary, Sousa & Labourdette’s geese, feed themselves with all the food that they found in their path through the more than 500 hectares in the preserved landscape of Extremadura. Pastures, seeds (mostly lupine’s seeds), olives, figs and mainly, acorns – the same acorns rich in oleic acid that reducethe cholesterol and that composethe famous Extremadura’s Iberian “bellota” pork diet.


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