The special feature of this recipe is that it keeps the two halves of the salmon together. They remain attached by their skin throughout the salting, drying and smoking process. This method allows both halves of the salmon to cure against each other, each half protecting the other from the natural aggression of the air and cold. For this salmon, we have also used a smoking process that’s even slower than for our royal salmon, which gives it a stronger smoked flavour, and a drier, less fatty texture. This salmon comes directly from the smoking kiln, and is trimmed and separated when ready for slicing. The fish are presented in the display window just as they are when removed from the smoking kilns, still connected. This product requires special care and a very long preparation time. Our royal salmon already takes more than 8 days to cure. For our Yagouline® salmon, curing takes over 12 days.


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We have been adding to our smoking know-how since the 1930s, an often forgotten fact. Armen Petrossian has reworked the company’s mythical products based on his memories and a heritage of age-old smoking methods.

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