The Original ChocolatePetal

(Shelf Life 12 months)

The particularity of Boissier isthe creationof the chocolatepetals with flowers flavors (rose, matcha, violet, jasmin tea, milktea, darkchocolate), fruit falovors (tangerine, strawberry, darkand milkchoclate, blueberry and yuzu) and petals of chocolatewith roasted sesame.

T0 – Traditional Box (75g)

T1 – Traditional Box (215g)

T2 – Traditional Box (370g)

T3 – Traditional Box(560g)

T5 – Traditional Hat Box (2kg)


Small Transparent Slide (66g)

Long Transparent Slide (105g)


Verbena and dark chocolate petals with chocolate pearls Rose chocolate petals with crystallized rose petals Violet chocolate petals with crystallized violet petals T0 – Traditional Box 70g

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