TALISMAN® Liquid Caviar

After nearly a century of crafting the world’s finest caviar, the Petrossian Family has refined its very essence into a pure, liquid form. Our Talisman® Liquid Caviar™ is 100% caviar; a sumptuous creation, composed by carefully extracting the liquid from within the egg.

The result is a potent, grey-black elixir, which imparts the delicate flavors of our caviar to any pairing. Talisman® binds perfectly with sauces, but also tops omelets, pastas, burratas and salads with a touch of the divine.

Invite this one-of-a-kind ingredient into your kitchen and discover how the Talisman® can transform your everyday recipes into beloved favorites.

Each bottle contains 3.2 oz of liquid caviar.

Refrigerated Shelf Life: 3 Months Unopened. 15 Days Opened.

Weight: 95ml.

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