Talisman® 2017 collection

For the 2017 festive season, Armen Petrossian presents Talisman®, his new caviar invention.


A world first, this 100% liquid caviar® is made from sturgeon roe without their outer skin, juiced and stabilised using proprietary innovative technology.


Talisman achieves a perfect balance of caviar avours from the roes of three highly popular sturgeon species. Ossetra, Baïka® and Daurenki® are used, but never blended together.


With its assertive, lightly iodised avour that is very long in the mouth, Talisman® makes even the simplest dish a sumptuous delight. Wonderful with scrambled eggs, it is also perfect with sauces. And why not treat your guests to an outstanding burrata spiked with Talisman®caviar? A de nite must-have!


*minimum exp date 20 days minimum from order date*

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30g, 50g, 125g, 250g

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