Souhoï® Salmon

We have once again achieved a world first by inventing a salmon recipe based on a secret process. This product comes in the shape of a Coupe du Tsar®, namely a mid-body cut of salmon. The product is them cured for more than three weeks to obtain a lean fish with a very tight texture, fairly firm as would be expected from a pata negra, with an intentionally very smoky, salty flavour. It is carved into vertical slices approximately 2 mm thick, and is enjoyed plain either as an appetizer, a starter or a main course. Souhoï salmon comes on a wooden platter that doubles as a cutting board.

Approximately 140 g

We have been adding to our smoking know-how since the 1930s, an often forgotten fact. Armen Petrossian has reworked the company’s mythical products based on his memories and a heritage of age-old smoking methods.

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