Extra virgin olive oil of Koroneiki variety. The olive trees are located exactly next to the sea in the region of Katakolo. The morning mist that covers the trees is swept away by the breeze of the Ionian Sea. Significant role also plays the soil, which consists of partly volcanic sediments.


ORGANOLEPTIC: Green fruity. Aromas of freshly cut grass, apple, fresh leaves of olive trees, tomato and artichoke are dominant. Medium bitter and spicy – properties which render its full taste. Well-balanced olive oil. Strong and long lasting aftertaste.


TASTING NOTES – FOOD MACHING: SEABREEZE brings back memories of summers in the Mediterranean. Just a few drops are enough to give a delectable distinction to a yellow fin tuna tartar or a well roasted fresh fish. This fragrant olive oil can transform few fresh picked vegetables to a gourmet dish. SEABREEZE blends deliciously with white meats and light Mediterranean dishes. It is ideal when served on freshly baked breads, naans and pies, with a pinch of salt and fresh oregano.

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4 inch Round, 6 inch Round, 8 inch Round


Double chocolate, Red Velvet, Rich Fruit Cake, Tangy Lemon, Vanilla Salted Caramel, Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea, Chocolate Spiced Chai Tea, Madagascan Vanilla

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