Lightly-cooked Duck Foie Gras

Petrossian foie gras, prepared according to traditional methods. Petrossian has been selling foie gras for 30 years now. 30 years during which our foie gras first conquered the clients of our Parisian boutiques, and then all of the Petrossian clients. Lightly-cooked foie gras is simply pasteurised, meaning that it’s cooked through to a mere 70 to 85°C. That’s how it retains all of its freshness, flavours, and smoothness.
Keep refrigerated: Vacuum-packed foie gras: 1 week Sliced: 48 hours – Terrine: 2 weeks, opened: 48 h – Glass jars: 6 months, opened: 48 h

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Sparkling 330ml – Case of 12

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