Heather Honey 500g


The beehives are located in Northern Greece, with a rich biodiversity and climate conditions that are particularly favorable for beekeeping. Extra attention is paid to the purity of the natural environment that surrounds them, and the greatest possible distance from areas that are environmentally burdened, such as urban areas, motorways, etc. This is the only way to ensure that the bees will produce truly fine honey, just as it used to be.
A product produced with great care… just line in the old days.
All varieties of the EuDokimon honey are produced with methods free of pesticides and or other chemical preparations, while the beehives are made entirely of natural materials. After it is harvested, the honey is carefully filtered, with the traditional method dictated by the historical and uninterrupted relationship of Greeks with honey, and then packaged in glass jars immediately after its collection.

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