Blend from the olive trees of the Koroneiki variety and the local variety Nemoutiana – Horaitiki harvested early in order to combine the strongest characteristics of these two varieties. Extra virgin olive oil that fills the palates with strong and wild taste on an early breeze. Its fresh aromas and strong taste makes it ideal for grasping both the scents of the mountain and the sea.


ORGANOLEPTIC: Green fruitiness due to early harvest. High aroma complexity including scents of cut grass, green apple, fresh olive leaves, artichoke and herbs. Medium bitterness and pungency imparting full mouth taste. Well-balanced oil. Strong, complex and persistent aftertaste.


TASTING NOTES – FOOD MACHING: Ideal for summer dishes of Southern Europe. From Spanish paellas to Italian pizza margherita to spaghetti olio e aglio. Add Fresh on various kinds of sashimi. Its fruity scents add a rare elegance. Try it on Greek traditional recipes, such as a Greek salad, a lentil soup or feta cheese.

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4 inch Round, 6 inch Round, 8 inch Round


Double chocolate, Red Velvet, Rich Fruit Cake, Tangy Lemon, Vanilla Salted Caramel, Vanilla Spiced Chai Tea, Chocolate Spiced Chai Tea, Madagascan Vanilla

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