Classic Ossetra

Ossetra caviar from our Classic grade is harvested, chosen and matured with the same time-honored traditions and high standards brought by House Petrossian to Paris in 1920. As such, this grade evokes a nostalgic taste of the sea, which takes many caviar lovers back to the bygone days of their first taste.

Ossetra caviar is revered for its nuttiness and hints of sweetness, but Classic Ossetra caviar adds a “kiss of the sea” to the bouquet, making it ideal for dinner pairings, hors d’œuvres, or a lucky néophytes initiation.


Origin: Imported
Type: Farmed
Flavor: Briny and juicy
Size: Medium to Small
Color: Dark ocher and smoke
Species: Acipenser Guldenstadtii
Common Name: Ossetra Sturgeon
Shelf Life: Four weeks refrigerated
Shipping: Perishable – ships FedEx Overnight with Stay-Fresh™ packing

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