Luxury Restaurant Suppliers

Our company is the official gourmet supplier to some of the most exclusive & award winning restaurants in Greece & the United Kingdom. Moreover our company is often a frequent supplier of hotel lobbies, hotel restaurants, gourmet boutiques as well as international event caterings & cruise ships.

For premium brands that are looking for a more tailor-made gourmet solution, “Greek Luxury Products” offers a fully functional, 360 degrees, self-branding product where most of our luxury goods may be marked & branded as part of a companie’s unique and luxury identity.

Gourmet Delivery

At “Greek Luxury Products” all of our gourmet goods are available for immediate 24hour delivery in any destination throughout Greece or even Europe. All of our products are delivered fresh, some of them even live and with a Premium Quality Guarantee.

We are more than proud to admit that our company has catered luxury goods to some of the most iconic personalities over the years, from Hollywood stars to fashion legends, international HNWI’s and even members of royal families.

Whatsmore, thanks to the strategic position of our organization between Athens & London our company is in a perfect position to deliver luxury gourmet products in any cosmopolitan destination throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and even the Americas.

Gastronomic Experiences

Designed in collaboration with our luxury travel & VIP Services sister company, “Luxury Concierge”, our “Luxury Experiences” service is designed for discerning travelers with a passion for extravagant tastes.

From wine expeditions to truffle hunting, private gourmet experiences, champagne testing sessions or even corporate events, our company is available on a 24/7, 365 days per year basis to cater for even the most demanding clientele.

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