Live the ultimate truffle hunting experience at Central Greece (Pavliani, Martino, Parnasus) or at the Peloponese (Nafplion, Nemea, Epidavdros) while enjoying your stay at some of the most luxurious hotels in all of Greece.

Our truffle gurus along with our specially trained dogs will teach you the secrets of truffle hunting known to the locals since antiquity. After the end of the hunt, guests may be taken to a local restaurant where they can enjoy the truffles they collected with their bear hands mixed & matched with traditional Greek recipes. Guests may also keep some of the truffles they collected as a gift on their way home.


Order your very own personalized caviar tin from the only Greek caviar producing company Thesauri along with an alabaster spoon with your initials on top. Our sturgeon eggs are produced in state of the art aquacultures using ancient Greek techniques that date back several centuries.

The critically aclaimed film “God Loves Caviar” was largely filmed at our very own Thesauri facilities, the only one in Greece that has been certified by the International Caviar Association.

Whatsmore, thanks to the stratigic position of our company between Athens & London our company is in a perfect position to deliver luxury gourmet products in any cosmopolitan destination throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and even the Americas.


Thanks to our exclusive partnership with PANAS GROUP as well as due to our many collaborations with some of the most exclusive restaurants in all of Athens, our company frequently organizes unique bespoke & private events at some of the finest venues.

Our company has so far organized unique galas at the legendary Zonars, truffle & caviar tasting soirée at Salon De Bricolage while many more events are expected to follow.

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