“Premium Dutch Cheese – By Appointment to the Royal Court of the Netherlands”

Beemster is more than a cheese. It’s a place. It’s a flavor. Tucked into the countryside of north Holland, the Beemster, an UNESCO World Heritage site, is renowned for producing the richest and creamiest milk exclusively from free-ranged cows, which Netherlands master cheesemakers use to handcraft Beemster’s award-winning cheeses. Beemster Cheeses are more creamy, tasteful and contain 20% less salt than any other Dutch cheese. Beemster’s long history as Holland’s most renowned cheesemaker has earned it the honour of being a supplier to the Royal court of the Netherlands; the highest honor to be bestowed upon a cheese company in Holland.

Beemster Products are now available for the first time ever in Greece via Greek Luxury Products and Luxury Concierge.


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